Some of you may be having problems trying to hold an online meeting from home when using Citrix remote desktop or other remote desktop solution. Errors may include no camera, no sound or microphone.

You are sent a meeting link or invitation via your work email address, you click the link when you are using remote desktop, or you accept an MS Teams (or Skype) request.

The link connection is on the remote machine, Not your home machine. The remote desktop does not have access to your local machines hardware so can not access the camera or sound. (It’s looking for a camera on your office PC or a server in the server room)

You are using the PC in front of you and looking through a browser (App) window to a remote PC. The remote PC can not access your PC.

Possible workaround:
You need to click the link when it is on your PC at home, and it will launch the meeting on your PC and be able to access your camera and sound/microphone.

Make a note of the link address for the meeting, then exit or leave Citrix (or remote desktop)
Go to your local desktop, launch the Zoom App and put the link address in and then try to connect to the meeting. Your video and audio should now work.

The same problem applies to Zoom or MS Teams if the application is on the remote desktop, not the local desktop.
Skype will sometimes work with sound but not the video for the same reasons.

Citrix sometimes has a settings tool in the system tool tray (bottom right of the taskbar)
There is a checkbox to import local devices, ticking that box sometimes will fix this problem but ask your support person first.

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