Microsoft announces the end of support for Windows Vista Operating system.

End of support means no more security updates or bug fixes for any PC or Laptop that is running Windows Vista, The problem for business users is rapidly degrading security if connected to the internet. The next issue is that manufacturers will stop testing their software on Vista or provide support. A significant problem will be that antivirus makers will stop providing virus definition updates on Vista.

Vista was released in 2007 and replaced by Windows 7 in 2009, It is likely then that any PC or Laptop you have running Vista is at least 6 years old, Hardware of that age may not have enough horsepower to run a modern system like Windows 10.

the cost of upgrading an older machine to run a modern system may simply not be realistic unless it is a business critical system or running prohibitively expensive to upgrade software, in this case, security is still an issue and you should seek further advice from your IT provider.

Don’t let Vista become the weak link in your organisation’s security, Cryptovirus and other viruses can still run on Vista.

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