Ransomware is often sophisticated and subtle in its operation, a plausible phishing email has a link that launches an attack to install the ransomware on the user’s computer. This ransomware uses standard encryption techniques to encrypt any files on the computer or on any connected backup drive or file server.

The ransomware leaves a text file or link to explain what happened and how to pay the ransom for a decryption key, in most cases the only solution is to clean up the infection and delete the affected files and then copy back important data from backups.

Don’t click on links is good basic advice but a good antivirus program is a must, get one that specifically protects against crypto/ransomware and web exploits, look at Malwarebytes or Kaspersky, being aware of the danger is a good start but it is the first line of defense, have a recovery strategy that includes protected backups of your data, how long can you run your business with no access to your data? A good prevention and recovery plan is not needless paranoia.

In our experience, one of the best value antivirus programs is Malwarebytes, The company produces versions for Mac and PC, it is fast and does not slow down your machine like some other bloated offerings, best of all it is very effective at stopping internet-based threats from damaging your system or data.

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